Olives + Citrus. Let that Marinate.

Olives are often tossed atop pizzas, salads, and Chef Nathalie Dupree's fluffy foccacia. I used to think Kalamata olives were a bit frightening at first, with their midnight black color and briny scent and flavor. When canned, they are ambiguously labelled, causing my eyes to skip right over them at the grocery store. This recipe puts these gems in the spotlight, by utilizing a clear bowl, and brightening up their taste and appeal with a zesty citrus note with sweet Italian herbs. This recipe can be made three days in advance, making it an ideal recipe for entertaining. Marinated Olives for a Crowd Yield: 3 cups Ingredients 3 cups Kalamata olives 3/4 cup good olive oil 1-2 Tbls lemon zest 1-

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