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fast and (Furey)ious at FAB: Charleston's women-based culinary bootcamp

Learning: it is what keeps the mind young. Henry ford once said, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty."

This isn't my typical blog post, more of a reflection on a very inspiring opportunity. This is a post that showcases heavy-hitting women in the culinary industry!

This year, for the second time, Randi Weinstein, the executive director of FAB in Charleston, South Carolina, granted me a scholarship to attend FAB. I cannot thank her enough for this opportunity. She is a wonderful businesswoman, friend and leader.

Camille Becerra

FAB is "educational and inspirational workshops created by women, for women in the hospitality industry." ( )

Here is an article written about it in the Post and Courier by Hannah Raskin. (Click here.)

Pictured on the right is Vivian Howard and I after her lecture on creating a cookbook.

Here are some lessons that I learned, as well as descriptions of some of the speakers.

  • How to ask for what you really want: the art of negotiation

○ Martha Hoover- CEO of Patachou, a restaurant empire. She was named "the most important chef you didnt know" by Robb Report (click here.)

○ Melanie Tapp- F&B Senior Director at 21c Museum Hotels in Louisville, KY, she sold everything from wine to cats, before realizing that hospitality has her heart (click here.)

○ Moderator: Michele Stumpe- Seasoned lawyer in the hospitality industry, she sure rocks a red jumpsuit (click here.)

Change the power so that you have it.

Know the message that you are trying to deliver.

You are in the negotiations for a reason.

You might not be the smartest person, but make sure you are the most prepared.

You do NOT have to talk the whole time during a negotiation. Listening might just be

your best tool.

Give yourself outs in every negotiation..

Never accept the first offer.

What you do speaks so loudly that I can't hear you.

You always have to think of the positive impact that the negotiation could have on the


Seek first to understand.