Want a bite of this lobster roll?

In 1929, the first documented lobster roll was sold up in Connecticut at a restaurant called Perry's. Years later, in 1965, the crowd-pleasing, taste bud-stimulating lobster roll became a hit at a restaurant called The Lobster Roll in New York. In Maine, these buttery rolls filled with fresh lobster were sold by roadside vendors. As you can tell, there is no lobster roll "king or queen." It is a delicacy that is enjoyed by many, especially those by the sea.

I decided to put a bit of a summery spin on this. Most of the time, the lobster is steamed. I wanted to add a charred flavor, so I grilled it instead. It is a mess-free method and a way to surprise your guests!

You'll want to say "Now We're Cookin'!" after biting into this roll of heaven.

Grilled Lobster Rolls

3 servings

  • Three-four lobster tails

  • One celery stalk

  • One lemon

  • 2 tablespoons

  • Five tablespoons butter

  • Parsley to taste

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Non-stick spray for the grill

  • Three New England style split-top hot-dog buns

  • Optional: cucumbers, bibb lettuce

1. Preheat your grill to 350-370 degrees.

2. Prepare celery by dicing it.

3. Prepare parsley by washing it, drying it thoroughly so it won't stick to your knife, and mincing it.

4. Melt about three tablespoons of butter and then add parsley and the juice of 1/2 a lemon.

5. Cut your lobster tails completely in half lengthwise by using a chef's knife and QUALITY kitchen scissors. First split the top shell right down the middle, and flip the lobster tail over and do the same on the underside. Then, cut it in half with your knife. Make sure to remove any veins on the lobster tail!!

6. Brush the split lobster tails with the melted herb butter and salt/pepper them, too.

7. Grill them, meat side down, for 2-3 minutes until the meat turns opaque.

8. Flip them over, and grill for about 3 more minutes until the lobster meat is a little firm.

9. Remove the lobster meat from the shell, it into bite size pieces.

10. Mix the lobster with the parsley to taste, celery, mayo, and more lemon juice. Let chill or serve warm. I think it is best chilled.

11. Grill buns that have been brushed with remaining two tablespoons melted butter until they are a little charred.

12. Place the lobster into the roll, and there you have it.

(credits: www.theculturetrip.com)

Hope you enjoy!

—XO Lauren Furey

Now We're Cookin'

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