Warm up with this creamy cauliflower soup

Creamy Cauliflower Soup Yield: 3-4 servings as entree Cauliflower has a natural velvetiness when caramelized and blended, so cream is not needed. Save some of the sautéed mushrooms and parsley for a garnish, drizzle with olive oil, and now it is a soup fit for company! This can easily be served as a filling starter or entrée, especially if you add protein. If feeding a vegetarian, omit the prosciutto and top with cannellini beans. There you have it, a silky, creamy and warm cauliflower soup. 1 medium cauliflower, stem removed, cleaned, and florets finely chopped 1-2 T olive oil or butter 1 leek, cleaned, trimmed of the dark green part, and finely chopped 1-1/2 cup fresh mushrooms, cleaned, t

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