Taking on an Apprenticeship with The Admirable Grand Dame, Nathalie Dupree

Palmetto Bluff is my all-time favorite summertime getaway spot. In a hammock, under the Spanish moss, I had the afternoon to get lost in Pat Conroy's book, The Cookbook. I read just enough of Pat Conroy's book in that hammock to learn about a very special person by the name of Nathalie Dupree. This particular segment made me very interested: "When I knew her in Atlanta, the whole city in all its shapes, races, and classes seemed to pass by her dining room table. She attracts friends like a magnet does iron filings. Her desire to entertain and feed people seems insatiable to me, a mark of her character as striking as her beautiful almond-shaped eyes." -Pat Conroy All of a sudden, learning mor

Keto Egg and Sausage Bites

Personally, I am not a diet fanatic… that is unless my clients are! I recently had a client that got on the #Keto diet to prepare for his trip to Italy. I helped him lighten his diet to save room for all that delicious pizza, wine, cheese, sweets and everything else Italy had to offer. He’s an early riser, so I made sure we picked a breakfast that was well-fueled for his workouts. These #Keto egg bites use fresh sausage from Ted's Butcher Block, located right here in Charleston, South Carolina. These were DIVINE. They freeze well, too. Ultimately, my goal is to save my clients time and preparation, which these egg bites do exactly that. Keto Egg Bites Ingredients: 2 cooked sausages, finely c

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